Children creating videos for younger children is a successful strategy for reinforcing skills and using technology to present ideas.

Children Creating Educational Videos for Younger ChildrenThe purpose of the videos created by students from the Ed Tech Academy at Joe Nightengale Elementary School is to offer clear, understandable resources to younger grades. The videos made by fifth and sixth graders are modeled after Khan Academy tutorials, and they focus on math skills and reading skills. Students use iPad applications to make the videos explaining the topics, such as long division and learning the alphabet.

After teacher Suzi Rhyne introduced iPads into her math and science classes, the Ed Tech Academy was created.  However, the Ed Tech Academy students are members of a club meeting Wednesdays at lunchtime.

“The goal is that if (a student) gets home from school and forgets how to do fractions, (the video) will take them step-by-step through how to do them,” said Nightingale Vice Principal Joe Schmidt.

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