In an enjoyable competition, a cribbage game helps students with math skills, and also promotes community relations between schools and senior citizen’s groups.

Students Learn the Science of RacingThe Flathead County Retired and Senior Volunteer Program hosted their 24th annual cribbage tournament for local schools at the community center, and fourth graders were enthusiastic.

Eighteen teams from eight schools participated.  Students received hand made cribbage boards made by a volunteer, to keep score.

There are 50 senior volunteers who coach approximately 450 fourth graders, and the tournament is the result of weeks of cribbage coaching.  Students advance to the tournament once they win at the school level.

The aim of the program is to allow children to gain speed at simple math.

“I call it surreptitious math. They’re learning math skills while they’re playing a game,” said Muldown Elementary volunteer coach Doug Gilbertson. “You need to be nimble in your mind.”

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