A high school is offering dancing lessons for prom prep in special ed classes, and the results will allow them to connect with other students at the high school.

Dancing Lessons for Prom Prep in Special EdAt Northern Valley High School in Demarest, NJ, dance instructor Diane Discepolo from the non profit organization Roll Call Wheelchair Dance is providing classes for 11 students in the Access Program. The dates when the class will be offered are still being decided.

The Aurora Nonprofit Challenge works with teens and helps them organize fundraising events.  Student Matthew Lipkin, a 16 year old junior, has worked with Aurora to help Roll Call Wheelchair Dance. He is starting a fundraiser to cover the cost at the high school of the dance lessons for students in the Access Program.

“I really enjoyed seeing them bonding and seeing smiles on their faces,” Lipkin said.

Student volunteers who will dance with Access students plan to meet during lunch period to learn ballroom dancing styles.  Students participated in a demonstration lesson last fall, and it was a hit.

“It was great,” said Kathy Vuoncino, director of the Region II Council for Special Education. “This group loves music and dance, anything related to music, so they were very receptive [to the program].”

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