Elective courses are usually technology, art, music, or shop, but at one school an extra math class is a popular elective.

Extra Math Class is a Popular ElectiveAt Rochelle Middle School, a small group of students have chosen to spend their elective time in an extra math intervention class. Select students spend one period of their elective “encore” schedule working with Katie Queller-Zillis.

“Math intervention is an extra math class with a small group of students to help boost up students who have struggled but teachers know they can do well in math,” explained Queller-Zillis.

Thanks to a grant from Farmer’s Insurance, the classroom has tools that help students visualize math problems, and understand concepts in a hands-on manner.  A Smart Board and document camera allows Queller-Zillis to teach while interacting on the board with the students.  They also can see math problems visualized with graphing blocks and fraction towers.

“The benefit to having the manipulatives the students are doing the same type of problem in a slightly different way,” said Queller-Zillis.

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