A growing number of English language learners are necessitating the expansion of services to ensure that these students can be educated.

Growing Number of English Language LearnersIn Clarksville Indiana, the Greater Clark County Schools had approximately 400 English language learners among their students.  Today there are over 1,100.

Within the student body, there are approximately 35 languages spoken.  The largest group of English language learners is Spanish speaking, with over 900 speakers.  Arabic and Mandarin are the other two languages spoken among most of the remaining students.

At present, eight schools in Clarksville offer English Language Learner programs, according to assistant superintendent Kim Hartlage.

“Our staffing is very important,” Hartlage said. “We meet with the families and try to get them set up with all the support services we provide at those buildings. We’ve brought on translators and tutors. We have worked very closely with the New Neighbors center at IUS. They help provide professional development with teachers and parents. We’ve worked with post-secondary counselors and college readiness to make sure they’re aware of all of the opportunities. We want to make sure they have all the information they need at their fingertips.”

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