An effort to engage students in physical activity that is popular and of interest to them has resulted in high school students boxing for fitness.

Soft SkillsStudents from Lynn Classical High School took a trip to a gym, the Title Boxing Club.  They had a one hour boxing class, wrapping their hands to prep for the punching bag.

PE/Health teacher Colleen Peterson thought the class would be a hit because boxing is becoming a trend and there is interest at the school.

“We do a lot of fitness-based curriculum in our PE classes, so I feel like this is going to really complement it,” Peterson said. “It’s really for lifetime fitness, them seeing this as teenagers, because not everyone that’s in PE right now is an athlete, so I feel like it’s really going to give them exposure to life after high school sports and keeping in shape.”

According to Peterson, she and the other PE teachers decided to gauge the interest by having students sign up.  They had forty students sign up, paying a $10 fee for bus transportation and hand wraps.

“It gives them a great cross-training experience,” said PE teacher Joan Wiendczak. “We don’t want them to do the same exercise everyday because your body gets used to that. Enabling them to do something like this will cross-train them and use new muscles that perhaps they weren’t using before, and get them out and doing something that would interest them that they otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to.”

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