Thanks to a collaboration between two schools, high school students teach French to younger students, and their basic vocabulary in another language is growing.

Soft SkillsFourth and fifth graders at Northfield Elementary School are learning basic french from high school students at Northfield Mount Hermon School. “It’s very fun and now I know French,” said fourth-grader Sadie McKnight.

Nolan Kitfield says that the program was started four years ago. “We don’t offer French here, so this is an enrichment for our students,” said Kitfield.

At the present time eight NMH students are teaching four classes in pairs for half hour blocks of time.

The opportunity for tutoring French is not a requirement, but it is offered through the NMH French IV class. There are benefits to participating as a tutor.

“I’m playing the role of student and teacher at the same time,” said 16 year old Josh Gamble.

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