As social and emotional issues are growing among students, school based intervention centers help students with emotional problems.

Soft SkillsIn Attleboro Massachusetts, school officials are setting up intervention centers in the three middle school in the district to attempt to prevent problems from becoming worse.

The centers will be staffed with one aide in each school, and will be supported by counselors, and supervised by assistant principals.  According to Superintendent David Sawyer, the centers are to be modeled after one that is at the high school.

Students will be required to do classwork while at the center.  The goal is to teach them to manage emotions before there is serious acting out and disruption. One of the effects of having students go to the center will be to allow situations to de-escalate.

An important part of the development of the centers is to establish relationships with students, and determine the best time to have them cool off, and when to press them to move ahead with their work.

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