A group of fifth graders are building a model of a mountain to better understand the flow of California water, and by applying what they learn, kids are taking the H2O challenge.

CSI Math StudentsStudents in Mike Buckley’s fifth grade class at Murdock School are becoming experts about water issues.  They have spent the past two months studying the details of water in California for the Cal Water H2O Challenge.  This is a competition which teaches kids to care for water.

The students have met with experts, studied reservoirs, groundwater recharge, read articles and studied water conservation, looking to find ways they can impact the situation through public policy and make a difference as individuals. Changes have been made at school, and they hope to have their recommendations implemented by public officials.  They have contacted Governor Jerry Brown, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and President Donald Trump.

The students have examined aspects of water from groundwater and reservoirs to dams and snowpack.  They have created terrariums along with a large model of a mountain with a dam and groundwater to understand the issues.

“It was really interesting,” Buckley said, adding that the students largely have a solid understanding of the issues. “More challenging for an 11-year-old to understand, but it’s been constant discussion, writing about it, talking about it.”

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