Through an innovative program, kids helping younger students improve reading skills has boosted abilities of all students involved.

Kids Helping Younger Students Improve Reading SkillsAt Blain Elementary School, Principal Christopher Young and Reading Specialist Stacy O’Toole have begun a mentoring program, with fifth grade student mentors working with younger children.

The district is tracking students progress in reading, with younger students improving multiple Rigby levels since the start of the mentorship. “We are thrilled with the growth students are showing through the program,” said Young.

“For the younger students it adds additional skill practice on areas of academic weakness, but it also offers a mentor for these youngsters. Rather than always working with an adult, these young students are able to work alongside an older peer.”

“It has been wonderful to see the interaction between the older and younger students. For the older students, they feel a greater sense of responsibility and ownership in our school. These older students are able to model appropriate behavior, as well as academic strategies for their younger classmates.”

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