Having kids publish a book in Spanish about changing the world is giving them a head start on turning their dreams into actions.

Kids Publish a Book in Spanish About Changing the WorldAt Bruce Drysdale Elementary, the published authors of the book “Changing the World” read their book in Spanish to parents and family. Claudia Rivera’s dual language class of fourth graders wrote about future plans, creating two to three pages each written entirely in Spanish, along with drawings that showed how they would turn their dreams into actions.

One student wanted to sell lemonade to solve poverty and hunger.  Another wants to put up “no littering” signs to fix pollution.  Another has the ambitious goal of fixing the hole in the ozone layer.

The most popular topic was saving endangered animals.

“The students wrote from their own experiences,” said Rivera. “So if their parents are in the painting business, of course they’re going to say that.”

“You guys should really be commended,” said Carolyn Henderson, Bruce Drysdale’s instructional coach. “There are so many people that say ‘I’m going to write a book,’ but that’s as far they get with it. You not only said it, you did it.”

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