Fifth graders are learning digital citizenship, in preparation for them entering the online world.

digital citizenshipComputers are in the classroom and there are paperless assignments.  It is impossible for students to avoid the internet, and they need to know how to conduct themselves and remain safe.

At La Crescent-Hokah Middle/High School, Technology Integrationist Jason Ludwigson is preparing students for the online world with a digital citizenship course he created.

“This is a crucial skill for these kids to have,” he said. “The future jobs these students will have will involve the future technology and media. They need to learn this to be successful. If they get good skills developed now, it’ll be better.”

What is digital citizenship?  Briefly, it is how people make appropriate use of the internet.  The course is currently only available for fifth graders.

“The reason we are working with fifth-graders is because the curriculum that Jason uses starts at the fifth through eighth level,” said La Crescent-Hokah High School Principal Steve Smith. “If we catch them at fifth grade, right now they are deciding how to move forward. There’s the beginning of the awareness of what social media is safe to use. We see the need.”

Children under 13 are prohibited from participating in most social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter.

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