For children learning in a multi-sensory environment, fidgeting is OK. At Grand Island’s Charlotte Sidway Elementary School, a first grade classroom encourages children to learn in various ways, including movement.  That includes fidgeting.

CSI Math StudentsThe classroom is outfitted with ball and cube chairs, rugs, wobble seats, a couch, balance boards, low tables and standing desks.

First graders are able to move between stations in small group activities.  They can use two rooms, one with standard desks and chairs, and one with the mobility equipment and bean bag chairs.

Young children are given the ability to choose the seating choice that works for them.  They can regulate their attention with toys or weighted objects.

“Every child learns in a different way and it is our responsibility to help each child find out what works best,” said teacher Stephanie Varner. “This enables us to get to know the strengths and the weaknesses of each child.”

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