A middle school in Duval County, Florida will become a computer science academy through a school improvement grant.  The academy will attract students to the program and become a destination for other students to visit and gain hands-on experience.

BMW is Supporting a School STEM ProgramThe school will turn Northwestern Middle School into a hub for coding and technical education, using  $2.1 million of state money for the project.

Classrooms will feature modular desks, chairs, robotics and computer science kits, animation and design software4, laptops for each student, and touch-screen tables.  Curriculum is project based, and coding will be integrated into other classes, including reading, math and science.

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti says that the curriculum is redesigned to move from beginning to advanced coding before high school.

“This hub will help spark a greater interest in coding and computer sciences, and establish necessary foundational skills for succeeding in … tomorrow’s workforce,” he said.

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