The National Financial Literacy Teen Test scores are in, and over 17,000 people responded to the test.

Soft SkillsThe test was created by 15 to 18 year olds, but people of all ages participated in the National Financial Educators Council financial literacy test from all 50 states. Among the teens who participated, 60.78% scored 70% or lower.

Questions measured comprehension across three key areas: learning motivation, topic understanding, and ability to recognize the first step toward securing a financial future. They cover the ten subjects of NFEC’s Financial Literacy Framework and Standards publication.

The National Financial Educators Council is committed to improving the financial capabilities of people throughout the world.  They develop tools and training to help people share financial literacy education in communities.  The financial literacy quiz is one way to assess the effectiveness of programs of financial education and measure personal financial knowledge.

For more information, contact the National Financial Educators Council.

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