Students are raising awareness of dyslexia by teaching parents and teachers what their experience is like during a dyslexia simulation.

Soft SkillsTwo groups of students in St. Vrain Valley and Boulder Valley, Colorado, led several dozen adults through six different exercises simulating dyslexia at their local libraries.

At the Longmont Public Library in St. Vrain Valley, teens asked teachers to make up a story about a narwhal.  They changed the rules in the middle of the story to ban words containing the letter “n.”

Suddenly, adults were at a loss to come up with words to tell their story, leaving out words, and sometimes not making sense.  Students told them that this was just a small example of the feelings they experience at school as dylexic learners.

“When a dyslexic person is reading, they have to take more time to process,” said 15 year old Hannah Moore. “It’s like trying to tell a story without the letter ‘n,’ but we have to put in that much effort all day.”

Local parents want to see more support for dyslexic learners from schools.  They are hosting dyslexia simulations at libraries, and involving students speakers as a means of increasing teacher and community awareness of the learning disability.

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