A new robot teaches social skills to autistic students, and it is capturing the attention of children who sometimes cannot give much attention to anyone.

Robot Teaches Social Skills to Autistic StudentsMilo is a 2 foot tall robot who is designed to help students on the autism spectrum practice social and emotional skills.

Milo is humanoid, and can smile, frown, and have different facial expressions.  Elementary and middle school students have been working with the robot for several months in the St. Charles School District 303.

“[Milo’s curriculum is] helping to develop some of those cues – what do you look for to find out if someone is sad or happy or angry?” said Karen Maladra, associate director of interventions. “Kids with autism have to be taught sometimes what we look like when we feel happy or sad so they can respond appropriately to people.”

Because students with autism are often interested in technology, the kids are motivated to participate in social lessons with the robot.

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