Instead of wasting travel time, school buses with WiFi help students make better use of time spent traveling back and forth to school. For some students in rural areas, this can mean several hours a day.

Soft SkillsThanks to a grant from Google, nearly 2,000 students in rural Berkeley County, South Carolina, will have the benefit of 28 WiFi equipped school buses.  In addition, Google has given the district 1,700 Chromebooks, which are used by students to do their classwork and homework.

Assignments and homework are done online, and long bus rides have been lost time in school day preparation.  Having WiFi aboard their buses will help many students make efficient use of those formerly lost hours.

Berkeley County has benefited from a relationship with Google for a decade, as the investment of over $1 billion in data center complexes has brought in over 100 jobs.  In addition, Google has awarded close to $2 billion to local schools and organizations in grants.

Google is focusing on rural areas where broadband internet has spread slowly. They hope to expand the WiFi program to those rural areas, including locations where they have data centers.

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