A small district revolutionizes school with personalized learning, and the success found by students and teachers is admirable.

Small District Revolutionizes School with Personalized Learning

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The Pequea Valley School District, a small district of just 1,610 students and 116 teachers in four schools,is launching a revolution. Creativity and innovation are celebrated.  Students undergo standardized testing, but in personalized learning, they endeaver to tailor instruction to the student – to their interests, abilities, and styles of learning.

The district has seen a jump in test scores, and now the approach is attracting attention around the state.

The approach has the support of teachers, parents, and students.  It reinforces what good teachers do already – recognize each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and reach them individually.

Students view themselves as active learners and teachers are learning facilitators.  The teachers “don’t just wake up, come to school, teach boring classes and leave,” junior Cole Nordhoff said. “They really want the students to be engaged and constantly learn.”

Innovations include multi age groupings for math and English, and weekly STEM instruction for all.

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