Solving the world’s problems for homework has provided an imaginative and meaningful problem solving experience for a group of eighth graders completing the assignment to learn about tough problems and figure out solutions.

Solving the World's Problems for HomeworkAt Ruidoso Middle School, students were given the assignment “Learn all you can about one of the community’s toughest problems and try to figure out how to fix it.”

At first, the students were a bit intimidated, but they started working last fall on sets of reports and PowerPoint presentations that they presented at New Mexico State University and ENMU Ruidoso.

The school has an ENLACE program, an enriched language arts class for students who have the potential to be strong academic achievers. The students participate in that program, learning not only about their role as citizens but their responsibilities to the wider community.

“It’s a call to action for our kids,” said RMS principal Anna Addis. “We want them to realize that they can effect change.”

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