Students leading parent meetings take responsibility for preparing notes, questions, and facilitating the discussion between parent and teacher.

Students Leading Parent MeetingsAt Noel Elementary, there are three ways to communicate with parents. The most recent is a red folder with student information. The student leads the discussion at the two yearly parent teacher meetings.

“We want the kids to explain to the parents what their success is and what they’re struggles are, how we’re getting along and how we’re progressing so it’s the child doing the presentation to the parent and I’m just kind of the facilitator just guide them and see how they’re doing,” said John Corral, a fifth grade science teacher .

“Ms. (Stacy) Johnson (the principal) incorporated the red folder because sometimes parents say, ‘I don’t know what their grades are.’ This way, it’s all incorporated into one red folder – all the information and they can have that ah-ha moment when we have a parent conference,” Corral added.

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