Having students learn the science of racing has opened up some real world experiences and applications for students to use what they learn outside of school.

Students Learn the Science of RacingGMS Racing visited Celeste Henkel Elementary to explain how STEM education applies to the racing industry. Approximately 100 fifth graders visited four stations that illustrated the different aspects of racing that could not operate without a knowledge of science, technology, engineering, and math.

At the four stations students found out the various functions of each person on the team.  These include the driver, engineer, mechanic, and those who build the custom cars.

Students were surprised to learn that driving a race car involves more than just knowing how to drive. Justin Haley, a driver for GMS Racing in the Camping World Truck Series says that he finds engineering and math advance his career. “The more I know about engineering and the science behind everything, the better I can communicate to the engineers about what my truck needs,” he told students.

Racing engineers and mechanics also confirmed the importance of having a solid background in STEM subjects for their jobs. “Everything you do in school directly applies to what we do every day,” said mechanic Kyle Shook.

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