Helping students learn to be tech troubleshooters is making them an on site Geek Squad in residence in their school. It’s also enabling students to learn how to use and maintain equipment.

Soft Skills“One of the goals teachers and administrators strive for at Lake Central is to create and expose the students to work-based learning,” said Lake Central High School principal Sean Begley. “By doing this, students are able to explore possible future careers and make certain these careers are their life’s passion.”

The computer tech support course is open to juniors and seniors.  It was created by the school technology trainer Myra Lolkema.  Students will manage the help desk during the Pathways to Excellence period and they will help students who have difficulty with WiFi, the learning management system Canvas, and Google apps for education.

In addition, they will manage the tech web site and Twitter accounts, and post on each.  They’ll maintain a blog, writing reviews of apps and devices.  They will also create tutorials for teachers and students.

Of course, if a student or teacher has difficulty with a personal cellphone or computer, the team will help out.

“We have 14 Chrome carts in the school with 35 Chromebooks each that have to be maintained, like having a missing key replaced, and make sure they are properly taken care of and turned back in,” Begley said. “As we have more and more things, it’s harder to keep track of them and make sure they are properly maintained. Having the students’ help, frees up the staff.

“Students are using a lot of their own devices, but they have trouble getting on the WiFi or the student is learning the system we use. With the number of programs we use — for instance, we use the word processing and we do quizzes on them — this will free up teachers time to teach rather than having to spend time helping students get on the system or provide technical assistance.”

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