A new playground has the added benefit of older students using geometry to design playground shade.

Soft SkillsThe new playground at the Neil K. Bortz Family Early Childhood Center is currently the subject of study by Cincinnati Country Day School students who are providing ideas for shading the area, protecting young children.

The students are using models in order to determine the best locations for shielding children by using sail shades.  “It gives (the students) an opportunity to apply what they have learned,” said Jamie Back, teacher of the honors geometry class that is working on the project.

This is the first time a math class has submitted ideas for a real life project on campus.

“We wanted to think creatively about how to solve the problem (of shading),” said outdoor programs teacher Kaki Scheer. “We thought this would be a good way to engage the students.”

Students had to meet particular design requirements, stay within a budget, and have enjoyed applying what they learn in a practical way that benefits the local school community.

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