A new curriculum studying the writing of Ralph Ellison has been created at Douglass High School, where the celebrated author graduated from in 1931.  Students find that his work still remains relevant today.

Soft Skills“History reoccurs, because this book was written so long ago and now we are going through it all over again,” said  junior Kionna Washington said.  She had just read Ellison’s best-known work, “Invisible Man.”

The curriculum was introduced to Douglass teachers last week by the Ralph Ellison Foundation.  English teacher Carolyn Shelton has already begun to implement the program.

“The students need to know about race, the issues that affect race,” Shelton said. She continue to say that one important aspect is “the way African-American children perceive themselves. It is also the issue of how others perceive them, and that can be negative or positive.”

Shelton’s classes created scenes from Ellison’s work to hang outside the classroom.

Junior Yauntae Knight says that she has gained a new perspective on life after reading “Invisible Man.”  “It actually takes you on an adventure and makes you think,” Knight said.

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