After reading the novel ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio, students were motivated to promote the value of kindness by preparing paper bags full of small things as a random act of kindness to be given to a schoolmate.

Students Learn the Science of Racing“If you are having a bad day, even the smallest thing can cheer you up,” said 12 year old Robby James.

The students in Mary Ann Wildman’s high ability language arts class had read the novel ‘Wonder’ about Augie Pullman, who has facial disfigurement, including a cleft palate and Treacher Collins Syndrome, a congenital condition which is characterized by facial deformities.

“The main precept is, ‘Always be kind,’” Robby said. “All of us here have probably been bullied once or twice, so we know how it feels. So, imagine having a facial anomaly.”

Students also signed a pledge to be kind and are raising $250 to donate to the non profit Smile Train organization, which repairs children’s cleft palates.

Wildman, a reading specialist, first read the book last year. “It’s one of the best books I’ve read – adult or child – in ages,” she said. “The end is particularly beautiful in that it brings me to tears just because of the beauty of the language.”

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