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A high school teacher is using a robot to teach a class from China.

Soft SkillsJohn Remmel of Santa Margarita High School was at a Model United Nations conference in China, and utilized a Rolling BEAM Robot from Suitable Technologies to teach his class while he was there.

He connected to the robot, which was housed in his classroom in southern California, by using software on his laptop.  He could see his classroom and move the robot using the arrow keys.

“Even though I was not physically in the classroom, I still found myself most comfortable doing what I would do if I was there,” Remmell said. “I wanted to stand at the front door to greet my students. The technology made me feel like I was almost really there.”

Santa Margarita High School participated in the National Library Association’s Teen Tech Week, and the BEAM robot was just one of the many features that were showcased. Three days of displays were organized in the school library to show what the future workforce may look like.

“We’re trying to teach students to be flexible and adaptible because they will have to be,” said librarian clerk Teri Maihen said. “Some of the jobs these students may have in the future aren’t available today.”

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