Having veterans share experiences for art and research has proven to be a valuable asset to high school students who are focused on service experiences for a social studies project.

Soft SkillsThe “Masks of War” project involves research, as students interview military war veterans, and art, as they bring it all together in a presentation.

Olivia Caron learned that her grandmother, Crystal Guerrette, served in the Army to honor her father. When she conducted an interview, her grandmother told her that she had enlisted as a nurse, serving stateside during Operation Desert Storm, to honor her father who had to leave before his service was finished to care for his mother.

“She was proud to serve for him,” Caron said. She also learned about the difficulties women face at times in military service.

The presentations included words, photos, and art work.  The art was shown through masks.  Students had plain face masks and needed to paint them to reflect the veteran experience.

Caron’s mask showed camouflage, and a dark color to show the dirty things she encountered during her service, as well as a red cross.

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