Creating a smart curriculum to personalize learning is helping students to benefit from a digital platform, even if they are not in front of a computer.

Creating a Smart Curriculum to Personalize LearningThe dream of personalized learning is becoming a reality in the 10 states that work with New Classrooms Innovation Partners to customize student schedules and make the curriculum fit their learning methods. NationSwell Council member Chris Rush is the co-founder of NCIP, and is dedicated to making teachers and students successful.

New Classrooms was started in 2009 as part of School of One. Today, every child is rescheduled, with teachers assigned and different activities based on what they did previously. It picks up on patterns, activities, and conditions. For example, a student returning from gym may need some cooling down time.  A student may need to work in a group to prepare for an English class.

The platform is not a virtual classroom – rather it is a sequence that works with student learning patterns. The platform is technology powered, but not experienced by the students on the computer itself.

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