Some middle school students are catching up in math with an innovative computer program.

Catching Up in Math With an Innovative Computer ProgramAt Mount Elden and Sinagua middle schools, teachers are discovering students who struggle and improving their knowledge of core courses with extra help and a computer program.

The student support program is called Response to Intervention, and it in an intensive intervention that was begun three years ago. Teachers pull the grades of all students every four and a half week, to review which ones are struggling with a core subject. They meet during an early release period to discuss how the students can be helped.

When students are struggling with a part of a course, such as fractions in math, they attend an intervention lab for 30 minutes a day, four days a week. They are pulled from elective classes, so they do not fall behind in core studies.

Most of the students in intervention labs work with MobyMax, a computer program which can be programmed to specific standards. The questions become progressively more difficult.  Once they pass the unit they could not pass in class, they return to their regular classroom schedule.

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