Children are growing their own food with Aquaponics, in a lab in their classroom.

Children are Growing Their Own Food With AquaponicsIn Lancaster Texas, students at Elsie Robertson Middle School are excited about their new Aquaponics Lab.

“This right here is the plant bed where we keep the catfish,” said seventh grader Mark Whitfield, checking water samples.

These budding scientists plant and harvest vegetables, from a lush plant bed, grown without soil or natural light.

“Right here we are growing lettuce,” said Jadan Robinson. “Right here is cabbage. Right here is the cucumbers that we are growing.”

Students never imagined they could use fish to grow vegetables. The lab is maintained by students as part of  Lancaster ISD’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program.

According to science Master Teacher Jennifer Likely, the lab develops critical thinking and problem solving skills among the students.

“The excitement in one area, brings an excitement in the rest of them. If they found something, hey, this is cool, maybe even in History or Math, it starts making a little more sense,” Likely said.

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