Fourth graders in Cohasset Massachusetts are learning coding with Spero robots, and they’re having so much fun they are the envy of the rest of the school.

Coding with Sphero RobotsAt the entry hallway of Deer Hill School, fourth grade students in Suzi Corkhum’s class mark the lines and angles of triangles on six yellow sheets that line the way. They are marking a path for the small robotic balls they are programming to follow.

The robots are called Spheros. They were provided to the school from a grant provided by the Cohasset Education Foundation. They are so successful, that children who pass in the hallway have been overheard to say “I wish I was in that math class!”

“It’s a way to add an element of excitement to math,” said Corkhum. “It’s a more hands-on approach. And it has real-life applications: It teaches the design process for engineering. It integrates math, science and writing through coding.”

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