Creating animal habitats with Minecraft is a unique way to bring the popular program into the classroom, engaging young students in teamwork and problem solving.

Creating Animal Habitats With MinecraftNikky Willison’s third-grade classroom included about a dozen zoos one recent morning. Students were creating ideal habitats for a variety of animals using Minecraft.

According to Willison, Centrsl Elementary School first began using Minecraft through a free trial when the school year began. Through a grant program allicating resources for STEAM curriculum, they were able to purchase the program after the trial period ended.

Willison said they first began using Minecraft in the classroom at Central Elementary School at the start of the school year through a free trial offer. They purchased the program after the free trial ended with grant funds designated for STEAM resources.

Math and science merged as students calculated area and perimeter while using their knowledge of animals and habitat to build their zoos.

“We’ve been working on area and perimeter and so this ties in with their Common Core standards,” Willison said. “They’re working with a partner, so learning how to collaborate, and then they’re going to design their own zoo.”

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