The Vermont Creative Schools Initiative of the Community Engagement Lab has inspired high school students to produce record covers highlighting their personal ‘A’ and ‘B’ side.  The explorations these students chose connected different subject areas, including music, literature, and visual arts.

Creative Schools InitiativeStudents at u-32 High School in East Montpelier worked with teaching artist Gowri Savoor to create personal album covers.  These covers will be onstage, facing the audience at the Barre Opera House with the students’ preferred sides, when Grammy winning guitarist John Jorgenson performs this week. Students from the U-32 string orchestra will perform two pieces with the John Jorgenson Quintet.

Jorgenson is the Community Engagement Lab’s Vermont Creative Schools Initiative artist in residence.  He worked with teachers last summer planning their projects.  Now he has returned to perform and celebrate the progress of the students. Over 1,000 students in 15 schools in Vermont are participating in multidisciplinary studies supported by the group.

The program facilitates connections between school and community.  It supports projects that bring creativity into regular curriculum.  Projects help students build skills needed for life and employment. Creativity is present in the classroom as a core value.

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