An innovative culinary class allows students to use all their skills in reading, math, and social culture. And they get to enjoy their cinnamon rolls while learning new things.

Culinary Class Allows Students to Use All Their SkillsAt Mount Everett Regional High School, Suzanne Petrucci’s Culinary Arts class has a long history of feeding their school community. The group this year is small, and dynamic. And they’ve been busy.

During one week, they prepared over 50 different items – Easter baskets of handmade truffles, along with cakes, pies, and pastries.  They were getting ready for the annual Spring Bake Sale at the Old Stone Store, benefitting a scholarship for a graduating Mount Everett senior offered by the Sheffield Historical Society.

Petrucci focuses on showing students how to use their backgrounds and diverse knowledge applied toprofessional cooking, catering, baking, and restaurant management.

“I try to give them an understanding of how science, math, history and other subjects fit here so they can say, ‘this makes sense and this shows why we need to develop those skills,'” said Petrucci, who has taught students who entered hospitality management.

The group operates every Wednesday as an in-house restaurant, and has catered events in the community, including several luncheons.

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