A plan to have eighth graders remodel their classroom, mentored by older students in high school, is helping kids understand real life applications for math. It’s also enabling them to take pride in their school.

Eighth Graders Remodel their Classroom, Mentored by Older StudentsAn aging portable classroom at Lake Hazel Middle School in Boise Idaho is being refurbished  by high school students studying residential construction. Middle school students, on their way to class, were intrigued by the project, and often stopped to ask questions.

“We have kids all the time wandering over saying, ‘Hey, how do you do this?’” said Mark Enger, a construction teacher with the Ada Career and Technical Education Center.

As a result, three eighth grade students are now the first enrolled in the new Student2Student Mentoring Program, sponsored by the construction program. According to Enger, the programis seeking recognition from the national SkillsUSA organization

The memtorship program enables students to learn more about residential construction, learn from older students, and apply their math skills while working on a real project that matters.

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