Surveys conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are showing fewer sugary snacks sold in schools.

Fewer Sugary Snacks Sold in Schools

In Kentucky, data that is centered on the percentage of schools in which vending machines and school stores are available for students to purchase drinks and snacks.

The data also showed that over one third of the schools prohibit sugar laden foods and beverages from being sold in fundraisers. 36.1 percent of schools in Kentucky prohibit these, up from 23.1 percent in 2014.

The CDC’s School Health Profiles assess health practices and policies in large urban districts, states, and territories. The surveys are conducted biennially among principals and health education teachers by health and education agencies.

Surveys also show that in Kentucky, almost three fourths of public schools have at least one group which offers guidance on policy and activities centered on health topics such as a health council or team.

“Embracing these guidelines reinforces the healthy food choices given to students every day in school meal programs and provides a consistent message to students on the importance of good nutrition,” said Marty Flynn,  executive director of the Kentucky School Nutrition Association.

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Fewer Sugary Snacks Sold in Schools