Fourth and fifth graders learning robotics after school are getting to apply engineering and mathematics to their projects.

Fourth and Fifth Graders Learning Robotics After SchoolAt Spring City Elementary School, students are coding and building robots in the school’s Lego Robotics Program.

Science teacher Zach Drake is one of the program leaders.  His goal is to enhance science education with a focus on engineering and mathematics.

“It’s an after-school program that we’ve offered to some of our more advanced science students,” Drake said. “They have to have certain expectations that they meet, and we offer this program to them to give them a little bit of a challenge.”

“They come in after school in the afternoon, and we give them a mission for that week, and then they try to get their robots to complete that mission in as short a time as they can,” he said. Normally, we’re racing between the fourth and fifth grade to see who can get it done the fastest.”

Students program the robot to use an infrared sensor to follow a line.  The robot then uses a special attachment to knock over toy tires.  There are other tasks they program the robot to do as well.

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