Hands-on projects have immersed fifth grade students in learning first aid skills and preparing for unexpected events.  At Mark Twain Elementary School, young students learned first aid from local emergency and healthcare personnel, as they practiced caring for burns, broken bones, and staying safe from fire.

Learning First Aid SkillsFor the second year in a row, the Hannibal Fire Department teamed up with Blessing Rieman College of Nursing and Health Sciences and Marion County 911 Administrative Manager Grace Wells to show children how to respond when an emergency happens. In addition to practicing skills, students used a special machine that simulated 911 calls.

When fifth graders are home alone or with a sibling, unexpected things can happen, including accidents.  Students learned how to respond to emergencies using household items such as a towel, frozen peas, or a magazine.

Students made emergency contact lists to post at home, and got past much of their fear of seeing blood or broken bones after the class. The 911 station had a noticeable effect on them, as they role played what to do before emergency personnel arrived.

“I see, especially with the 911 dispatcher here, they’re scared to make that call,” said school nurse LaRhonda Behl. “But after she walks through it with them how to do it, you can see that they’ve got confidence, that they’re not scared.”

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