After a hiatus of nearly 20 years, the Learning In-Field Experience or LIFE camp offers outdoor courses to sixth graders in Marshall County, West Virginia.

Milestone Testing Becomes Enjoyable with Superheros and PositivityGrand Vue Park will host the camp, which is seen as a way to connect middle school students to their studies.

At one time, the LIFE camp was an integral part of Marshall County’s curriculum.  It was closed for financial reasons.

“Initially, we were working programming with the Schrader Center called ‘Reach,’ where they were sending instructors to all our fifth-graders,” said Director of Curriculum Woody Yoder. “After that, there was a grant through Chevron that allowed us to go to third and fourth grade and take them to the Schrader Center. So we decided it just fits that we needed to do something that culminates third, fourth and fifth grade. We knew we could do a lot of instruction that we could revisit in a big chunk up here.”

Yoder also noted that Grand Vue Park has had some major renovations and upgrades in the past few years, which make it more conducive to academic use. The district has booked the facilities and may book the overnight accommodations in the park next year to introduce astronomy programs at night.

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