Stepping aboard the Titanic may not seem possible, but thanks to replicas and an innovative teacher, seventh graders were able to step back in time this week and become passengers aboard the well-known ocean liner which struck an iceberg on April 13 1912 and sank three hours later.

Soft SkillsStudents at Bluffs Middle School were given tickets upon entering their classroom which told them what class they would be in when they boarded the Titanic.

“My whole goal for you this morning is to see what class you are in that way you can compare and contrast and relate to what passengers had as far as accommodations and survival,” said Brooke Talkington, sixth grade social studies teacher.

The passenger tickets distributed were in proportion to those from the original ship.  More than half of the passengers were in the third class.

Students were able to see different items that had been used aboard the ship, as well as learning from a computer video presentation. The lesson was fun and interactive.

She presented a computer presentation with videos but students were also able to see different items used on the ship. Talkington said it was a fun, interactive lesson for the students.By having them actually be passengers, they could connect to the lesson.

“They got to be a part of it and touch actual replica pieces,” said Talkington.

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