In Holyoke Massachusetts public schools, students build confidence by learning coding and robotics, and they are engaged in learning more about these valuable technical skills.

Students Build Confidence By Learning Coding and Robotics“The seventh-grade students showed such engagement and ownership of their learning last year that we had to find a way to continue and expand this program,” said Tonya Claiborne, Holyoke public schools STEM director.

Coding computers is one skill the students are learning, but they are also learning robotics.  This is opening them to possible career choices. It is also the hook which interests the students, challenging them to solve problems, plan programming, and gain pride in their new skills.

At the research facility, the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center, students are participating in the program with laptops, tablets, and robotics kits.  The program is funded by a grant from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.

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