When students host a wax museum of American history, they learn about the words, dress, culture, and appearance of major historical figures.

Soft SkillsAt Nikiski North Star Elementary in Alaska, fourth and fifth grade students hosted the wax museum during the school day, sharing their presentations with younger students.

“Today they are dressed up as a wax museum figure and are giving about 100 speeches throughout the day about their person, how they impacted American history and why they’re important,” said teacher Adrianne Bostic.

There were 74 unique presentations, and each student had a choice between three potential people, convincing their teachers of the importance of each one.

“We made sure that each student was assigned one of there three choices and that there weren’t any repeats. … We wanted them to pick someone they knew at least a little bit about, that interested them in some way,” Bostic said.

Students chose from actors, musicians, outlaws, inventors, and political leaders.  Visitors toured their classrooms, listening to the stories. Each student created a multimedia poster to tell the story of their character as well.  These included photos taken at different points of their lives, and various facts.

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