A teacher’s exercise science course is now statewide in Tennessee, giving students knowledge beyond first aid and minor injuries to include  in-depth information about systems of the body.

Soft SkillsAt Hixson High School, Bethany White saw the need to extend beyond the basics in her sports medicine class. “I wanted to dig deeper,” she said. “But I realized that class didn’t exist.”

The course she developed was approved in 2012 for Hixson High School, and covered all that is needed to earn a nationally accredited personal trainer certificate.  Since the class was launched, 100 percent of the students have been certified.

Now, the course that White wrote with the state is available at any high school in Tennessee.  It is part of the career and technical education clinical exercise physiology pathway.

“We are really honored to be trailblazers here at Hixson,” she said. “I’m glad we get to share this class with schools across the state.”

Schools in Tennessee can adopt a range of career and technical pathways. Students can complete these by taking the course sequence in high school.

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