When teachers learn new ways to keep students engaged, they have a chance to see how students respond to those strategies and how they talk about what they think with their peers.

Teachers Learn New Ways To Keep Students EngagedThe Springdale School District is pairing curriculum writers with classroom teachers, giving both the opportunity to see what is effective, and ensure that teacher training has a direct impact on students.

Pairing school district curriculum writers with classroom teachers gives both a chance to see how students respond to strategies intended to keep them on task and talking about their thinking with peers.

Marcia Smith, assistant superintendent for sixth through 12th grade says that the goal is to help teachers increase student participation and discussion in their classrooms.

The district program is called Collaboration Plan Innovative Teaching (IT). It has just started, and currently has two district math curriculum writers working with teachers in middle and high schools. The curriculum writers are district teachers who are on special assignment.  The teachers selected are known for their willingness to have other teachers in the classroom, and their ability to try new strategies.

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