A daily news show produced by kids is becoming popular and making some students school celebrities.

A Daily News Show Produced by KidsAt Keewahdin Elementary School, fifth grader Paul Backlas is the school weatherman on the school’s daily morning news show. He loves it, but has to deal with some attention from younger students which can be a bit much sometimes.

“Sometimes it can get a little annoying,” Paul said. “Usually, just when every single person acknowledges you.”

The morning news show began in March.  It’s pretty simple as a setup – a screen, a Chromebook, two lamps and slides created on PowerPoint are the equipment used.  The show is livestreamed on YouTube. Approximately 10 students are involved in making the program.

“It was put together by the kids,” said Michael Cook, the fifth-grade teacher who is the facilitator. “They run it. They produce it. They get the set ready. … They do a great job.”

Paul asked Cook about being the weatherman when he heard about the production. He wanted to use the knowledge he gained in the Science Olympiad. “I enjoy just talking about something that I did before,” Paul said.

“It boosts their confidence just being in front of the camera,” Cook said. “Knowing that they have to speak up a little bit and not be afraid of anything. It gets rid of their fears.”

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