A middle school class in wilderness survival is introducing students to gardening after taking them mountain climbing and teaching them how to build shelters and practice archery.

A Middle School Class in Wilderness SurvivalAt Bonner Middle School, a first year teacher has introduced a new class introducing students to outdoor experiences in nature. The Montana Living Class taught by Kelseigh Hover is an elective class which gets kids to learn by working outdoors with their hands.

“We get to plant our own food and flowers, and it’s really fun to do as a class,” said eighth grader Cheyanne Kompier.

Ensuring the garden flourishes someday means that students are taking turns now working on different tasks.

According to Hover, her class makes it possible for students who have difficulty in school to flourish.

“It’s just really fun doing Montana Living. I’m going to do it next, the next two years,” said Warren Goakey, a sixth grader.

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