Kids have discovered a unique method of traveling, thanks to inspiration from the book “Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims” and an innovative teacher.

A Unique Method Of TravelingHighland Park fifth grade teacher Melissa Cansler turned the reading of the book into a six month project, encouraging the students to open their classroom to the world.

“The book correlated with what they had to learn in social studies,” Cansler said. “It has a time traveling talking horse as a character. His name is Liberty. ”

The fifth graders sewed small travel bags for small horses they each named individually that were purchased by their teacher, to send the horses on an epic journey. “Then I sewed them (the horses) to the bags and attached directions and included a travel logbook in the bag with the horse,” she said.

The note in the bag said “My name is Hermes (or other names children gave their ponies), a pony from Highland Park Elementary School fifth grade class in Woodward, Oklahoma. I want to see the world. My fifth grade friends have just finished reading “Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims” and Liberty is one of the students favorite characters. He is a time-traveling horse. Each student would like to send his or her pony on an adventure around the world. Would you please sign the logbook in my pack and take me with you as far as your traveling? Send a postcard or email to my class and then give me to someone else who is traveling to a new place. If you wish include small symbol of the state country or culture in my pack. If you have me in April my friends would like me to be sent back to the school”… with the address of the school included.

The toy horses visited 26 different countries and 34 different states.

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