A program to help students become literate in 3D technology is allowing them to help local businesses and gain experience for future careers.

Soft SkillsIn downtown Bloomington Minnesota, Rob Martin, the president of Open Source Classroom LLC has been spearheading a pilot program for students in high school to learn what he calls “3-D Literacy”.  He has trademarked the phrase.

The program covers 3-D printing and 3-D computer aided programming and design. It was orgainzed by Martin along with Tom Frazier, director of the Bloomington Area Career Center.

“We were imagining new ways to deliver awesome educational experiences to kids,” said Martin.

Students learn about using 3-D printers.  They scan items and design final products at the Open Source Classroom.

“A lot of it isn’t even just an increase in technical knowledge, it’s an increase in overall confidence. They’ve gained the ability to approach a problem and come up with solutions,” said Martin.

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