Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department is sponsoring an annual Bike to School Day with city government, Lawrence Public Schools, and other community groups on Wednesday.  The day is part of a National Bike to School Day observance.

Students are Learning in Gym Class About Other SubjectsIn Lawrence, the community initiative “Be Active Safe Routes” works toward making schools abnd neighborhoods accessible by bicycle and foot.

The idea is to get outside.  If students cannot bike to school, they are being encouraged to walk.

“Being active is fundamental to good health, and we know research shows that kids who bike or walk to school are more likely to get their recommended daily physical activity,” said Chris  Tilde, the director of community health for the Lawrence-Douglas County Health Department . “And we also know that kids who arrive at school (having exercised) are engaged and ready to learn. Evidence shows that children who are active perform better academically.”

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